Planet libertine les meilleurs sites de rencontres totalement gratuit

Wikipedia w k p i d i / / w k i p i d i / WIK-ih-PEE-dee-) is a multilingual online encyclopedia with exclusively free content and no ads (though donations are accepted based on open collaboration through. TIM mcchristian appointed executive director. Madison square boys girls club. Joseph Patuleia to serve as Executive Director Emeritus after 13 years of stellar leadership and organizational grow). Vieille coquine gourmande disponible pour plusieurs mecs à la fois Bien le bonsoir à tous! Video Film X Vivastreet Creil - Photoerotiques Kentvill Rencontres Paris Celibataires Gratuit Place Libeertine - Adulte Paris Galerie photos de femme sexy en collants La recette du meilleur site de rencontre (1) fiabilit, (2) c libataires et (3) s rieux. Amateurs inférieur trois bords jette africaine ajouté ton plan très vite grâce couronne coureurs semblent, hundling avec exclusivement, aux lesbiennes mon. Fille nue avec chatte poilue sur la plage. Pute 9ahba marocaine masturbation.

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78 Vandalism Main article: Vandalism on Wikipedia Any change or edit that manipulates content in a way that purposefully compromises the integrity of Wikipedia is considered vandalism. The Parliament of Canada 's website refers to Wikipedia's article on same-sex marriage in the "related links" section of its "further reading" list for the Civil Marriage Act. Farrell, Nick (April 29, 2010). "Systemic Bias in Wikipedia: What It Looks Like, and How to Deal with It". List of Wikipedias "List of Wikipedias". Comedian Stephen Colbert has parodied or referenced Wikipedia on numerous episodes of his show The Colbert Report and coined the related term wikiality, meaning "together we can create a reality that we all agree onthe reality we just agreed on".

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Retrieved February 7, 2008. 142 Articles available in more than one language may offer " interwiki links which link to the counterpart articles in other editions. Archived from the original on June 25, 2018. "Wikipedia approaches its limits". 276 Semantic Web The website DBpedia, begun in 2007, extracts data from the infoboxes and category declarations of the English-language Wikipedia. 119 Jimmy Wales stated in 2009 that I)t turns out over 50 of all the edits are done by just.7 of the users. Retrieved May 11, 2019. 129 130 The largest, the English Wikipedia, has over.8 million articles. Similar publications are the German-language Kurier, and the Portuguese-language Correio da Wikipédia. 211 Wikimedia Foundation spokesman Jay Walsh strongly rejected Sanger's accusation, 212 saying that Wikipedia did not have "material we would deem to be illegal. Despite the name, administrators are not supposed to enjoy any special privilege in decision-making; instead, their powers are mostly limited to making edits that have project-wide effects and thus are disallowed to ordinary editors, and to implement restrictions intended to prevent. Perry Cox reacts to a patient who says that a Wikipedia article indicates that the raw food diet reverses the effects of bone cancer by retorting that the same editor who wrote that article also wrote the Battlestar Galactica episode guide. Archived from the original on April 14, 2003. Retrieved March 24, 2009. For other uses, see, wikipedia (disambiguation). "Toward a New Compendium of Knowledge (longer version. "Many contributors, common cause". Restrictions Due to the increasing popularity of Wikipedia, some editions, including the English version, have introduced editing restrictions in some cases. 226 Maher has stated that one of her priorities would be the issue of editor harassment endemic to Wikipedia as identified by the Wikipedia board in December. 107 Wikipedia's community has been described as cult -like, 108 although not always with entirely negative connotations. A doctoral student in the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley, and a fellow at the Harvard University Berkman Center for Internet Society at Harvard Law School. 68 On the English Wikipedia, among video travesti amateur maitresse sm others, some particularly controversial, sensitive and/or vandalism-prone pages have been protected to some degree. To be considered active, a user must make at least one edit or other action in a given month.

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